Why Learn Code?

Posted by RaineSkye on May 15, 2018

My love affair with coding did not begin in freshman year of college. What does that mean? Well, basically I remember taking CIS 101; introductory course to Computer Science: Javascript, and that was the end of my interest in that topic…

Of course, this was back in the 90s before awesome media technology. Mainly professors taught by droning out facts at breakneck speed standing next to an overhead projector. I give this course professor an A++ in advanced usage of the ol’ monotone vocal cords. It was my least favorite course that semester =(

Then I moved to the Bay Area (and phones and computers became eons enlightened). Living in the Bay Area is like being surrounded by an atmosphere of incessant creativity. I am a constant learner and I also try to be creative, so I took a class in UI (User Interface) Design. There was some minimal code I had to learn for a project, and it was really fun learning the code and using it in my design. I found that I enjoyed that more than the design part itself.

Unlike my college experience, I learned that in practical application; coding can be fun, creative, people centric and collaborative. So here I am, back to learning coding again. Because, I thought, “Why not?”.